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Nevermore filter - aktivno oglje, FYSETC

Razpoložljivost: Na zalogi
Šifra artikla: FYSETC-CFILTER
Proizvajalec: Fysetc


Packing list:

- 2x 4mm Active Carbon Air Filter Pellets
- 4x Activated Carbon Small Granules Small Bags

Note: the package does not include printing parts.

FYSETC Nevermore V5 Activated Carbon Filters For Voron V0/V0.1/V2/2.4 Trident Adsorb VOC Nevermore 3D Printer Carbon

Specifications:use nevermore micro duo V5 to remove VOC and reduce odor generated by 3D printing. Increase your room temperature by exhausting hot air through robots rather than recirculation through filters.

There are many installation options, v2/v2.4, Trident, v0/v0.1. Prepare for installation, including all necessary installation hardware.
Double 24V fans and high-capacity carbon fiber supports allow a 50 hour /30 day replacement interval. The carbon rack is magnetically connected, making it easy to replace carbon without tools.

Installation instructions:
V2/v2.4 is installed between the guide rails of the bed and exhausts upward.
Trident is installed vertically under the Y guide rail and exhausts at a 45 degree angle
Vo/v0.1 is vertically installed under the Y guide rail and exhausts upward.

Color: as shown